The Way To Copy Disk Anyway

When disk is Corrupted/Scratched or Copy Protected so there are major problem while copying CD/DVD to the Hard Disk.Here I'm giving some tips to copy disk.

Tutorial 1

Copy Corrupted/Scratched CD/DVD on H.D.D
You need to be download IMGBURN (Advanced Image Burning Software also Its Free and Smaller Size)

Step 1

Open IMGBURN.Window Look like this.

Step 2

  1. Now Go To Tools --> Setting --> Read Tab
  2. Now in the read error set Ignore Read Error and Software retry to 0 then press OK.

Step 3

  1. Go back to main window and press Create Image File From Disc Button
  2. LOG viewer shows the bad sector, read error, I/O Error etc.

Tips While Copying Scratched Disk...

  • It may take 15 minute to 2 hour to copy good sector but guarantee to copy disk successfully.
  • If the disk is Copy protected it may be not Use tutorial 2.(coming...)
  • If disk is not recognize by DVD ROM It can not copied use

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