IDM Backup Manager


IDM Backup Manager is free software that can backup files from Internet Download Manager and restore then later when you want. Also include cleaner and IDM List Manager. IDM List manager expert report in various format and allow force to join unfinished downloaded file and much more.


  1. Backup and Restore Whole Internet Download Manager.
  2. Backup Custom elements for Backup like Setting, Unfinished Downloaded parts, Grabber data etc.
  3. Password protection backup file with AES Encryption.
  4. Variable compression rate, with six compression Level.
  5. One click Backup and Restore.
  6. Profile Conversion Support so it can be used with different Computer for backup and restore.
  7. To Clean History, Logs and Unfinished Download Data Files.
  8. Sites login password cleaner.
  9. Add extra file types in IDM Categories.
  10. Download List Manager is allow to use Force to Join Unfinished Downloaded Files, Expert in various format, Remove Download from List and much more.
  11. Append on restore.
  12. Added Backup File Information.(new)


  1. Windows 98, Windows xp, Windows vista and Windows 7,8,10 (x86 and x64 both).
  2. Intel Pentium 166MHz or above.
  3. Minimum 64MB memory.
  4. At least 5MB free hard disk space.


  1. Please Close IDM then run backup/restore. Otherwise backup restore will unsuccessful.
  2. When you restore data Previous Profile will be override/Deleted.
  3. Default there will be no compression on Backup file.
  4. When you re-install Operating System, move to other user account or backup file is another system you need to convert profile while restoring Backup.
  5. Is admin mode required for backup and restore data? Yes only for Admin Account.


Email me or Forum & Bug Reporting.


Please Go to Download Page To Download Latest Version

7.Change Log

v1.0.0 June 23rd, 2016
  • Minor Bug Fixes related to restore in profile conversion.
v0.9.9 January 16th, 2016
  • Minor Bug Fixes.
  • Added Backup File Information.
  • Some icons Changed.
  • Improved Backup.
v0.9.8 January 5th, 2015
  • Fixed IDM Restart. 
  • Fixed Restore taking too long time on High Compressed Backup File. 
  • Fixed Sound Directory Dose not Backup in Custom Mode. 
  • Fixed IDM GrabberData Folder Dose not Backup in Custom Profile Mode. 
  • Added Command Line Support. 
  • Added Custom Component Restore. 
  • Added Append/Merge Profile on Restore. 
  • Added Open Folder after Backup. 
  • Added Status bar with Icons. 
  • Added Automatically Detect All Possible IDM Temporary Directory. 
  • Improved Data Cleaner. 
  • Improved Profile Conversion.
v0.9.7 April 13th, 2013
  • Fixed IDM Temporary Directory Dose not Backup in Custom Mode.
  • Fixed Log File Generation.
  • Fixed Backup taking too long time.
  • Added Support on manually Restore/Backup files and registry (List of Downloads).
  • Added Sites login password cleaner.
  • Added to add extra file types in IDM Categories.
  • Added manually profile backup and restore.
  • Improved Profile Conversion.
v0.9.6 November 21st, 2012
  • Added List Backup Mode Without Data Backup
  • Added association to IDM Backup File (*.ibf)
  • Fixed Crash IDM Backup Manager under corrupted backup file.
  • Fixed Backup Does not successful under windows xp due to 7z.dll is not include.
  • Fixed Continuous Preventing UAC Under Admin account while backing up IDM.
  • Some Minor Change
v0.9.5 November 23rd, 2012
  • Added x64 bit Operating System Support
  • Some Minor Change
v0.9.4 November 11th, 2012
  • Removed UAC.(Multiuser now supported)
  • Added icons.
  • Added Menubar to IDM List Manager.
  • Added Filter By Downloads and By Categories to IDM List Manager.
  • Added Search Functionality to IDM List Manager.
v0.9.3 October 20nd, 2012
  • Added Custom Element For Backup.
  • Added Added Password Protected Backup File.
  • Added Variable compression rate, with six compression Level.
  • Added Profile Conversion.
  • Added IDM Cleaner.
  • Added IDM List Manager.
  • Removed Fade in\out Windows
  • Re coded
v0.9.2 June 30th, 2012
  • Fixed Some Bugs
  • Added Fade in/out Transparent Windows
  • Improved Functionality
v0.9.1 June 25th, 2012
  • Intial Release


  1. Hello,

    Thanks a lot for the amazing program! I wish I've found it earlier before I ran to all these troubles. My user account got corrupted(win xp) I've created another account and copied all the data from my old account \Documents and Settings\Administrator to the new one \Documents and Settings\admin that includes \Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\IDM which should've have all history, urls..etc IDM has, but IDM fails to load them and even asked me for the serial number the first time I ran it on the new user account(admin) I searched the internet to find a program that's able to directly back up restore IDM history and urls then I found IDM Backup Manager; unfortunately it reads the same files as IDM, can you please make it so that it'll convert the dbdata.db and the UrlHistory.txt to .ibf directly(browse) without relying on IDM? I've a 3 years worth of history on my dbdata.db and UrlHistory.txt I can see contents of the UrlHistory but not the dbdata.

    I hope you can help me, I'll be forever grateful.

    Many thanks in advance, Max.

    Apologies for posting here and in the forums.

    1. Need To configure Your Registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DownloadManager\] and read key and value
      AppDataIDMFolder Should be \Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\IDM\

      IDM save all downloads list, serial no and other setting to Registry if possible backup registry from old account.Only data will save to this location: \Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\IDM\

      when IDM starts it reads AppDataIDMFolder and other setting from registry key then load all downloads. Without registry IDM unable to load List of download and some Important setting aka Serial etc. So Partially downloaded data is Useless.

      [Sorry for late reply (I haven't Internet Connection in last 10 - 15 Days.and There is also some personal tension :( )]

    2. Thanks a lot, I'll try it out asap and let you know what happens later. I moved into a new win8 laptop, but the old xp one with the corrupt user account is still there.

      Take your time, I'll be checking back whenever I can and good luck with the personal stuff :)

    3. I've backed up the registry and then changed the value to \Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\IDM\ but still IDM failed to load the download history, but the grabber projects loaded.

      Turned out my ntuser.dat which contains the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive for the registry is corrupted :( I believe that's what caused the problem in the first place..

      So what do I need to change n the new ntuser.dat to have IDM load the lists/history..etc

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. You mean you have backed up registry in .reg format or hive. If you backed up hive then need to convert to .reg(Registry Dump) then restore it.Now backup your profile with IDM Backup Manager and then restore it with [Convert Registry] Option Hope This Works

      If not then first check that the history is already exists I mean that subkey exists aka [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DownloadManager\1000]
      [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\DownloadManager\1001]...etc exists and let us know me.

    6. thank you so much for this info! I had a problem with my dowload data because I migrated from to a new motherboard which had a different chipset. I backed up AppDataIDM to an external drive but forgot to export (from IDM Task Menu) so turned out, IDM wasn't going to recognize my manual backup. I searched for a way to restore with no luck... until I stumbled upon your software. Great work by the way, I figured, I need to retrieve something of my previous OS installation (which was barely impossible since it was reformatted). The registry files were corrupted, all of them, except for NTUSER.dat. The information found here help me a lot! Thank you so much! This saves my 750GB Download queue..... I'd buy you a beer if you were anywhere near my place... :)

  2. So sorry for the late reply.
    I've backed up the new Admin's account registry, which is useless. The old Administrator account which have the dl data and has the corrupted NTUSER.DAT (hive) which opens partially in wordpad only, I tried converting it to .reg with all the tools availble on the net, free or not (RegFileExport, RegeditPro, Registrar, OORegEdtor, RegCool, wrr..etc)I'm about to try Registry Fix Pro and Registry Reviver hopefully one of them will do the trick.. also opening NTUSER.DAT in regedit(load haive) won't work.. I wonder if I can just copy all from wordpad to a new text file and save as .dat? using unicode/utf-8?

    "check that the history is already exists I mean that subkey" it exsites when I open the NTUSER.DAT in wordpad only.. but all the tools fail to covert/import it..

    I'll try Registry Fix Pro and Registry Reviver and get back to you, thanks for all the efforts :)

  3. After version 0.9.7 why automatic desktop shortcut is not getting created by idmbackup manager installer...please resolve this issue in update version idmackup manager installer... v.1.0.1 or v.1.1_thank's...

    1. can you specify os version and os type(x86 or x64). I will check it.

  4. i am using v.1.0.0 now on windows 7 ultimate 64 bit ...v.0.9.7 create's desktop shortcut withot any problome by the installer...but v.0.9.8 , v.0.9.9, v.1.0.0 are not creating desktop shortcut through setup installer...i have to create it manually through send to desktop option of windows...resolve it as soon as possible...thank's

  5. i hope that v.1.0.1 resolve it...because it's must have software for me...


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