Creating, Editing and Repairing BCD in Windows 7

Some time ago my friend ask me how to edit BCD using the GUI. So I had tried to edit BCD in command line interface. Editing BCD in command line is more difficult for beginner.

What is BCD means and its functions?
Boot Configuration Data (BCD) required by every newer operating system to detect and start operating system including boot disk, partition, device file, operating system GUID, menu title, boot file(\Windows\system32\winload.exe), system root(\Windows), language, safe mode,PAE, DEP etc.

There about three software that can do it.
  1. BOOTICE (Can Be Run on Windows PE)
  2. Visual BCD Editor (Require .Net 2.0)
  3. EasyBCD (Require .Net)


BOOTICE is easy to use BCD Editor/Creator Programme to create and edit BCD. BOOTICE is intended to modify/backup/restore the MBR or PBR of your disk. Supported boot records: Wee, Grub4Dos, SYSLINUX, Plop Boot Manager, Windows NT 5/6 etc.And, partitions management, sector viewing, partition table backup/restore are also supported. Which also run on command line.You can deal with disk image files (*.IMG/*.IMA/*.VHD) with BOOTICE, including the MBR / PBR process and sector viewing.

Utilities include
  • MBR and PBR Editor also Sector viewer
  • Partition Manager(Format,  Delete and Creating Partition on Hard disks)
  • Disk Image Editor
  • BCD Editor(System and Other)
  • Disk Filling (Destroy Data on Disks)
  • Command Line Interface

Visual BCD Editor

Visual BCD Editor is an advance user interface.

Utilities include
  • BCD Editor(System and Other)
  • Repair BCD/MBR


EasyBCD is full featured BCD / MBR editor and creator for windows xp, vista and 7.which have same function like BOOTICE and Visual BCD Editor.

Utilities include
  • BCD Editor(System and Other)
  • BCD Backup and Repair
  • Install BCD, Write MBR(xp or vista, 7)on Internal / External Media
  • EasyBCD's BIOS extender can be used to boot from network, CD, or USB on computers that don't natively support it.
  • The NeoGrub bootloader can be used to boot into Linux and legacy versions of Windows or even hide drives.

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