The Way To Copy Disk Anyway Part-2

There are two major problem while copying disc like DVD, CD first is
  1. When disk is Corrupted/Scratched and
  2. When disk is Copy Protected 
In my previous post you can find how to copy Corrupted/Scratched Disc.

Different Types of Copy Protection

  • In the copy protected disc the some error are implemented on it also the error correction code are include so the standard instruction of copying file system will confuse to copy physical layer of disc.
  • Second method is Content Scramble System (CSS). It is encryption system employed on almost all commercially produced DVD-Video discs.
  • Nonstandard or corrupted TOC records are abused as a form of CD/DVD copy protection

Detecting Copy Protected Disc

There are many way to detect copy protected disc but a such software can do this job like ClonyXXL Download it from softpedia.
While first opening of ClonyXXL it is in German Language Interface you need to change Language

How to detect copy protection?
  1. First go to option/Tools
  2. Change Language
  3. Insert CD/DVD and press Scan CD Button it may take while.You can also use scan wizard.
  4. When scan complete The result is shown in skulls as shown in screenshot.
ClonyXXL can detect:
  • Illegal Toc
  • Over Burn
  • Dummy Files
  • Takes < 4 sec
  • Bad Sectors

When disk is Copy Protected

There are many software available for decryption of DVD.List of software

Function and Features
DVD43 runs in the background and decrypts DVDs on-the-fly. DVD43 Plug-in provides an interface that DVD copy programs can use to decrypt DVDs.

It can still decrypt protected DVD and Blu-ray, but not for all of them. For example, it can't remove AACS V12+, BD+, BDAV, and AVCREC for Blu-ray
Not Free

decrypting protected content. It uses the vStrip engine in order to create backups of your DVD content and removes analog copy protection alongside.

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