Best Practice To Creating And Burning DVD

In this post I will show that how to create and burn DVD using ImgBurn.ImgBurn is free software which is used to create CD, DVD and Burn CD, DVD.Some Beginner User could not able successfully burn CD, DVD because some practice required to burn successfully CD, DVD.Follow Simple Step...

Step 1
Download and install ImgBurn from Size and Its Freeware Forever)

Step 2
open ImgBurn.The Main Window is shown below.Then Click on Create image file from files/folders
Main window of ImgBurn
Step 3:
You Will See Below Screen shot.

  1. In this step first you need to save your Destination ISO(Please see Tips From Bottom Post).(Save on HDD Which Have more than 5 GB space if you burn DVD)
  2. Then Click on Source(Show Disc Layout Editor).A new Window will appear which is shown in step 4.

Creating ISO image Using Imageburn
Step 4
Click on Source(Show Disc Layout Editor).A new Window will appear which is shown below
Adding Files to create ISO image using ImageBurn

  1. Then Browse For Required File and Drag and Drop (Here I'm Dropping AVG Antivirus.)
  2. Also you can select Which type of media want to burn i.e CD/DVD Please select bottom-right corner.
  3. When adding complete then save it.
Step 5
Build Button
When you save Back to main windows shown in step 2 and press build button.

Step 6
When you press build button a new conform box will open you can add its name as your requirement it is also support Unicode.And then Click Yes.And press OK.
Volume Label Name
Step 7
Now back to main window and Go to Menu-->Mode-->Write
Writing/Burning CD/DVD Using ImgBurn
  1. First open ISO image saved in step 3.
  2. Select Test Mode if you burn CD/DVD first time or you are not sure if CD/DVD successfully burn.
  3. Verify is recommended to test your CD/DVD to burn successively burned.
  4. Writing speed if TEST MODE fails on higher speed adjust lower speed like 14x, 10x etc and test again.
  5. Burn Button Press burn button when you its OK.

Some Important Tips 
  • Check your Blank CD/DVD if not scratched.
  • Check your Laptop or UPS Battery Backup if power fails while burning you can not resume your process so ready Backup Power
  • Check your HDD is not corrupted where ISO is saved.
  • Do not run other process which is required higher memory and High HDD access.Please close other application.

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