Salitykiller GUI


Just created new tools from autoit scripting tools names Salitykiller GUI.Its a simple GUI for Salitykiller virus killer command line tool from kaspersky. Which is difficult for newbies.Here simple GUI is allow to use Salitykiller Console application from GUI. There are few options are added like:

  • Path to scan
  • Scan remote drives
  • Disable autorun on all drive types
  • Remove autorun.inf files.
  • Restore safe boot node.
  • Show hidden and system files
  • Log file name and Verbose log output
  • Perform scan and enter monitoring mode
  • Only monitoring mode



You can download salitykiller gui from Download page. However after opening this programme it allow to download salitykiller.exe automatically and unzip to current directory where salitykiller GUI initially exists.

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