I lost my 16GB pendrive

Sadly I lost my pen drive. However I don't know how I lost. But I lost my data which is more valuable for me.I had stored my IDM backup manager SVN reversion I lost it! Also some movies, my favourite music and some software.I had purchased it from snapdeal.com after saving some amount of money from 5 month. RIP Sandisk 16 GB pen drive. Feeling sad :'( Now I can't able to purchase until I get good job and buy it same for my pc(damaged).

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  1. Hi,

    I've been using your IDM tool for a long time now and I'd be happy to help you getting a new pen drive. It should be a simple way to thank you for your work.
    What do you think about a 16go USB 3.0 model ? I've seen some on snapdeal (Corsair brand) but my favourite one (Sandisk Extreme) is sold out. So, tell me which one you'd like on any reliable website and I'll buy it to you if the price is ok to me (maximum 1200 INR).
    You can email me here : batscamp@hotmail.com




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