Best Practices To Maintenance Your x86 pc

I'm using Windows 7 for last year.My x86 PC have P4 processor and 2GB RAM.Every day I'm using PC with internet connection at least 2 hr.But my windows 7 running smoothly because I'm using different utilities to perform Backing up system, system maintenance, cleaning unwanted file,Cleaning and Defragments registry and Defragments Thats all.Here you will show simple step to Maintenance Your x86 pc.
Some Free software you should always use

Step 1(Backing up your files)
First you need to create backup in windows 7.To open go to Control Panel-->System and Security-->Backup and Restore
Then select your backup location and backup your system.
Backing up your files
Step 2(Backing up your Browser)
Do you want to backup your browsers(Cache, Cookies, Bookmarks, Passwords, Browsing History etc) the best way is FavBackup tool which is support Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Flock and Internet Explorer.
Backing up your Browser using FavBackup
FavBackup is about 6MB with can download from

Step 3(Cleaning your PC)
Using CCLEANER you can clean your system cache, Windows explorer cache, Browser cache, and other application like VLC Media player, 7-zip, Ultra ISO and much more.
Cleaning your PC using CCLEANER
CCLEANER is about can download from

Step 4(Cleaning Registry)
Some Programs and Tasks are use the windows registry.If you uninstall program some programs leaves registry entry which is no longer required.So you need to clean registry.You can clean registry using freeware tools which one is Argente - Registry Cleaner.Which is advanced registry cleaner for windows operating system.Using Argente - Registry Cleaner you can backup your registry.
Cleaning Registry using Argente-Registry Cleaner
Argente - Registry Cleaner is about can download from

Step 5(Defragment Registry)
After cleaning unwanted registry entry you can Defragment your registry using WinUtilities RegistryDefrag.You can download it from

Step 6(Checking H.D.D Using CheckDiskGUI)
You should check your H.D.D Index Using CheckDiskGUI Whether there is no invalid file entry present on H.D.D.
Checking H.D.D Using CheckDiskGUI

You can download CheckDiskGUI(889kb Single application) from

Step 7(Defragmentation of H.D.D)
UltraDefrag is the first open source disk defragmenter for Windows which supports defragmentation of locked system files by running during the Windows boot process. Actually all files including registry hives and page-file can be defragmented at Windows boot time.
Defragmentation of H.D.D using UltraDefrag
You can download UltraDefrag from

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