Hardware Power Calibration Error on DVD Drive

Power Calibration Error major problem while DVD burning.Major problem affect with software error(also hardware error which is minor problem).Typically when you read from drive or write to drive an error occurred.If the error occurred on CD burning then you can not burn the CD or DVD.hence first you need to perform simulation write method and then perform burning the CD or DVD.If you can not fix error you can follow simple step of solution.So there are two solution the first method is software solution of burning media typically it caused by incorrect configuration of software setting which is given below:

  • Software solution
  • Hardware solution
General solution
  • Try burning at lowest speed
  • Upgrade your DVD Firmware
  • Use standard quality blanck disc
Software solution
  • Disable DMA Mode
Using Device manager you can disable  DMA Mode
(Make sure in Detail-->Bus Relation is your DVD Drive(Shown below screen shot)
  • Disable IMAPI Service
Disable IMAPI Service on windows startup [how to..]
Hardware Solution
  • Check your cable connector(SATA or PATA)
  • Change your  port(SATA or PATA) in case of other port(SATA or PATA) is available
  • If error occurred then you might need to replace your SMPS
In this case power supply is not enough suppled by SMPS so you need to change the SMPS.

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