Creating Error Correcting Code of CD,DVD

When you burn DVD there are some verification required but some years the CD, DVD are corrupted, scratched or banned.You need to create Error Correction Code(ECC) for your CD, DVD and save this code in your local Storage.
An Example of Creating ECC Code
To Create ECC Code you need to Dvdisaster you can download from Freeavailable for Linux, Windows). Download and install and open it.

Step 1(in 2012..!!)
  • Insert media(CD or DVD) you want to create ECC code.Select drive.
  • Select Path of ISO image which you want to save(Required same size/space of media)
  • Click OK
  • Then Click on Read Button

Screenshot of Dvdisaster 

Step 2(in 2012..!!)
  • To create Error Correction Code you need to select ECC file  which you want to save(Required 15% size/space of media)
  • And click on create button
Screenshot of Dvdisaster 

Step 2(in Future..like2016..!!)
  • When CD/DVD has been corrupted you need to only ECC code.
  • First you need to verify if error occured you need to fix it.

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