How To Create a Multi Bootable CD/DVD

There are many way to create bootable CD/DVD but today i will tell you that how to create multi bootable CD with step by step and with screenshots.I always try to find software that can capable to create bootable CD/DVD with windows and Linux operating system and other live operating system like windows pe, linux live CD,ubcd etc.Here i will tall you to create multi bootable CD wich contain windows, Linux operating system, and some other useful tools.

You will need to create Multibootable CD / DVD
2) Bootable CD DVD which contain operating system (Original Please!)
3) ISO Creator (See This Post)

Tutorial To Creating Dual Boot CD or DVD
1)How To Create Windows 7 And Windows XP Dual Bootable CD/DVD
2)How To Create Windows 7 And Windows Vista Dual Bootable CD/DVD
3)How To Create Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Multi Bootable DVD(x86 and x64 both)
4)How To Create Windows 7 and Linux(all distribution) Multi Bootable DVD

Boot screen of Oracle VM VirtualBox(4 in 1 Bootable DVD Created by Me)
+Boot From H.D.D

+Menu Tools
SARDU will add some emergency tools as default so you don't need to worry it or you don't need to download this tools.SuperGrubDisk2 is able to detect any operating system in emergency.H.D.T and Mem Test is also useful and TestDisk is Used to Recover Your H.D.D partition and data.
+Menu Windows

+Menu Linux

Boot screen of Oracle VM VirtualBox(4 in 1 Bootable DVD Created by Me)

We Will Make This DVD Using SARDU

SARDU (short of Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk
Utility) is a free software that can produce an CD / DVD or an USB with multi boot support.

This may include a comprehensive collections of antivirus resce cd , collections of utilities, the most popular distributions of Linux Live, the best known Windows PE  and recovery disks .

SARDU default contains only few tools. Individual ISOs must be downloaded from user. This is because the author has no right over them and the software may not be redistributed. SARDU doesn't violate any copyright.

Download SARDU From

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