How To Create Windows 7 and Linux(all distribution) Multi Bootable DVD

Download SARDU From
For More Information about Sardu software read my previous post

To Prepare iso file from your bootable cd/dvd and save iso file in your local drive (How To..)

Rename Your Windows 7 iso To new Name---->As Below Given
Rename Rules
for Windows 7 iso replace this name---->installwin7*.iso
Rename Your Linux iso To new Name---->As Below Given

Rename Rules
Ausrtumi iso---->austrumi*.iso
BackTrack iso---->bt*.iso
Damn Small Linux iso---->dsl*.iso
Fedora iso---->fedora*.iso
Inquisitor Live(Debian Based)---->imq-live-*beta*amd64*.iso
Linux Multimedia Player(Limp)---->limp*.iso
Phoronix test suite---->pts-desktop-live*.iso
Puppy linux iso---->lupu*.iso
Slax iso---->slax*.iso
xPud iso---->xPud*.iso
Ubuntu iso---->ubuntu*.iso
Kubuntu iso---->kubuntu*.iso
YLMF iso---->ylmf*.iso
Mint iso---->Linuxmint*.iso

Follow The Step3, Step4, Step5,Step6 From This Post

Then press Windows Tab given Below screenshot
And Then check the box windows vista windows xp and windows 7 box

Step8 (Final Step...!)

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