Hack And Bypass The Cyberoam Firewall In College Using Proxy

Previous post i discussed that how to  Hack And Bypass The Cyberoam Firewall In College Using Tor. This was second method.the first software second software is UltraSurf

About Ultrasurf

UltraSurf is the flagship anti-censorship product of the UltraReach Internet Corporation. The program enables users inside countries with heavy Internet censorship to visit any public website in the world safely and freely.  UltraSurf can also be used to protect user privacy in countries without Internet censorship.

How To Hack or Bypass Cyberoam Firewall Using Ultrasurf?

Just download Ultrasurf (size is around 1MB)
Then run Ultrasurf (please note that you are connected to the internet)

Some Screenshots

UltraSurf Main Window

UltraSurf Gold Lock(Gadget)

UltraSurf is a green software, no installation process is needed and no change in system setting is required. It is simply an executable file on Windows platform.


  1. when i try to use this ultrasurf.....

    it replys me Failed To Connect to the server....

    please help me...!!

  2. Sign in using guest name and password then open ultrasurf if it is not work then best way is that you use Tor For more info go to http://gajjartejas26.blogspot.com/2011/09/hack-and-bypass-cyberoam-firewall-in.html

  3. previously it is useful to bypass the cyber roam.... but now a days ultrasurf is not able to bypass that cyberroam.... i try another 2-3 version of ultra surf

  4. yes it is only works on old version of cyberoam.


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