Enter fastboot mode on micromax canvas spark 2 plus

Here is a video tutorial explains how to enter fastboot mode on micromax canvas spark 2 plus.

I lost my 16GB pendrive

Sadly I lost my pen drive. However I don't know how I lost. But I lost my data which is more valuable for me.I had stored my IDM backup manager SVN reversion I lost it! Also some movies, my favourite music and some software.I had purchased it from snapdeal.com after saving some amount of money from 5 month. RIP Sandisk 16 GB pen drive. Feeling sad :'( Now I can't able to purchase until I get good job and buy it same for my pc(damaged).

Salitykiller GUI


Just created new tools from autoit scripting tools names Salitykiller GUI.Its a simple GUI for Salitykiller virus killer command line tool from kaspersky. Which is difficult for newbies.Here simple GUI is allow to use Salitykiller Console application from GUI. There are few options are added like:

Rainmeter - Awesome Gadget Engine

After Watching Ironman 2 (ya seen 10th time) Yesterday movie I searched about Ironman jarvis theme for Windows 7. After some time i ever found Rainmeter Widget or may be Gadget you can found on its website. Rainmeter is widget engine which consume low CPU usage and little ram usage on awhile some widget engine are consume high cpu. just Rainmeter engine i found ever which consume low CPU  I have tested now for a minute as CPU usage shown below:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)) Autoit Code

After reading this basic programming book i have created autoit code in just a hour.I like 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 book it is amazing book.You can download it from http://10print.org/ I have just read few page of this book.If you have a question how the maze can be generated from just two character the book for you!