KDE Plasma Desktop

Plasma, the most visible pillar of KDE, is the core interface to the desktop.

Plasma is one of the key technologies of KDE Software Compilation 4 (also known as the “Pillars of KDE”), and one of the most visible to users. As Plasma treats the user interface differently than a traditional desktop, there may be confusion on what Plasma is, what it does, and how to perform common tasks.

The essence of Plasma revolves around two basic concepts: 

Plasma Widgets

--Applets, or small applications that live on the desktop.


--Applets that act as the container for the Plasma widgets

Screenshot of plasma Desktop

How to get it:

Just, Simply download kubuntu cd image from www.kubuntu.com also you can download ubuntu from www.ubuntu.com.

System Requirement:

Memory 128 MB
Processor P3 or above
Storage Capacity above 3 GB
Graphics Card above 32 MB (only for advanced desktop effect)

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